Monday, October 24, 2011

The Local Scene

Two new CX venues this weekend for me in WI.  Both of them were pretty top notch!  I'm pretty happy to see that the WI cyclocross race courses are much improved over the courses from 4 and 5 years ago!

Day 1 was at Doyne Park in Milwaukee...and any time there are giant cupcakes on the line you know I'll be brining my A game!

that's a scary foursome...wouldn't want to run into them on a golf course

Day 2 was in Sun Prairie at Sheehan Park, just down the road from the USGP course.  I think this new place would actually be a better course than Angell Park Speedway.  
photo @ djonnymac
There were fast sections, technical sections, climbs, descents, barriers and one super steep run/ride up.  It has it all.  I thought it flowed really really good and we even got a little rain half way through to make things helps when you have great legs too.  I felt 5 times as good on Sunday as I did at Doyne park on Saturday.

Tim @ CX the Domes
A big thanks to my buddy Tim for helping out so much this cross season!  He races in the morning and then waits around all day and helps out whenever he can...its awesome!

I feel a little bad for missing the big WORS banquet, but I just couldn't justify the 6 hours of drive time to get to Stevens Point and back after racing in Milwaukee Saturday and then Sun Prairie Sunday.  It would have been good to hang with everyone for one last time this year.  I wonder what 2nd place overall prize was???  

I'm off to Eagle River for the last of the Iceman preparation now!  Can't wait, haven't been up there in a while.

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