Monday, October 17, 2011

Windy City Cross

Last weekend I didn't have much of a game plan.  For a very short time I tossed around the idea of going to Granogue for the UCI races in Delaware.  When that plan didn't pan out I wasn't sore sure if I'd even race at all.  I did have some local options though with Bardger Prairie Cross in WI and Psycho Cross in IL.  I opened up google maps and when I realized it was a shorter drive to go to Chicago and race I decided I better head south of the border and check it out.

photo credit: Amy Dykema
The Windy City lived up to its name.....the course was laid out on a driving range of a golf course, which was pretty nice as far as lack of bumps.  There wasn't a whole lot of elevation change except for the flyover, but it was frickin windy.  The HED Stinger 5's sliced through the wind and were so easy to accelerate with even the slightest help from mother nature.

I opted to test out the Typhoons both front and rear on the course as it was more like a grass crit with fast turns and lots of drafting sections in the wind.  I had been using the FMB Grippos on the front end of the bike all season.  They are a little wider and knobbier and give me a lot more confidence cornering.  I hadn't really felt there was a good course for the Typhoons in the front yet, and I really wanted to test the glue job.

The race started and I was staged 30th out of 30 based on my registration time!  I was good with this because UCI points start over tomorrow and I'll be moving I'll need the practice.  I was pumped when I was 8th wheel out of the first 2 turns.  4 more corners and I wasn't so pumped....I'm not sure what happened , but I crashed hard!  My chain was off in the front and the back, both levers were in, and both shoulders and my thigh were in I'm lucky I didn't brake my bike or my body.  Now I was in last place again and every body else pretty much had a huge head start.  

I rode to the pits changed bikes and then started to chase.  A lap later and the leaders were only 4 corners ahead of me.  Another lap and I was there and started to pull away.  I put it into hurt yourself mode for the next few laps and took home the W.  I did get to practice a couple bike swaps and get in a little skills work with Tim who has been helping me in the pits this year.

Sunday I headed out for a good session of intervals with Bill Street.  Then I chilled all day...pretty nice to be home on a Sunday and watch some football.  Best part of the weekend was finding out 2 of the athletes I am coaching also scored big W's in there respective races!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrads on the win! Didn't know you were going to show up here in Chicagoland for the cross race. Come again when you get the chance.