Monday, October 31, 2011

La la la la la

Halloween Cross is always a good time!  Thanks to my SIL Elicia I was able to pull off a last minute costume.

I've been training pretty hard for Iceman...I was pretty tired and Shriver was crushing it all day at the race.
He jumped me on every section of the course where I was strong to take away all my advantages.

Experience paid off though....I lost a sprint to Marko in this race last I knew exactly where to start the sprint.

Good times and a great battle!  

Sunday was a day of spectating for me....Zonhoven Superprestige, then I dressed up as a Belgian Superfan for the WCA, then I watched to Steelers take it to the Pat's!  Day 1 of resting up for Iceman was a success!

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