Saturday, November 19, 2011

Feeling Good!

Day #4 - Feeling Good.

One of the best sponsors a rider can get is from a food company.  Clif Bar has been a huge supporter and each year they are stepping it up another notch.  As a coach one of the most important things I stress is good recovery.  Most people think of good recovery as the meal immediately after the ride.  I start to think about recovery during the ride and that is where Clif Bar comes in....During each ride all season long I am constantly consuming calories.  Clif Bars, Clif Shots, and my favorite Clif Bloks.  Sometimes it is almost mind blowing how much I can eat on a ride.  I am releived though knowing Clif's ingredients are all natural and organic.  My new favorite is the Chocolate Almond Coconut MOJO Bar.  You gotta taste this ASAP!

My next sponsor I need to thank is my newest sponsor and I have had a blast working with him to create a new line of embrocation.  Tis the season and thanks to Joshua Tree Skincare.  Another company that beleives in all natural organic products. 

From Tea's to Lip Balm's to Embrocation, J-Tree is protecting your skin from the harshest elements.  Here is where I come in.....David Lawrence, owner of J-Tree, grew up in Pinckney, MI.  Dave was pumped on cycling back then and the same holds true today.  Together we developed a line of Embrocations and have some of the best country's cyclists backing it up.  Kelli Emmet with her Spicy Medium heat, Adam Craig, with his Zero heat Eucalyptus blend to protect against to moisture, and my Full Heat Citrus blend will cover all conditions this CX season.  Check them out...there is nothing quite like the warm feeling on the legs after a hard ride and a hot shower!  What I'm most excited about is J-Tree Winter Face Stick - can you say Cyclocross Nationals - this is going to be a must have! 

Hopefully feeling good can contine today as I am in Hendersonville, NC for the UCI Cross races this weekend.  Time to watch the GVA on the web and get ready for a battle!  More sponsored stories soon.

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