Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pure Guts

Day 2:  The guts of the bikes...Shimano.  How can you go wrong?  I honestly beleive components on the bike are 100% personal preference.  I prefer Shimano 100% of the time.  On my mtb and on my cross bikes.  I gave the others a chance, but I'm always switching back to the Shimano.  The last few years I have been very fortunate to have IMO the best component company as a sponsor.  Crisp, reliable, & light weight shifting and braking at my fingertips.  On my cross bikes I chose to go with the favorite Dura Ace 7900.  A 46t outer and 39t inner.  175 cranks, 11-25 cassette.  It's the perfect combo for cross.  I have recently ordered a new Project One road bike to give the DI2 a shot...I'm sure it will be top notch.

Pure Shimano Guts - does anybody remember this old school add?
To compliment those HED Ardennes that I love so much I am also pretty pumped about Shimano's new CX70 canti brakes.  The most powerfull, yet simple cross brakes I have felt and super easy to adjust. I'm also fortunate enough to have Shimano's new custom fit M315 shoes.  They fit like my bedroom slippers! 
Speaking of old school - remember this Gutsy performance?  Looks like Steve was rockin' the XTR...
The rest of the bike is laced with Bontrager bars, stem, saddle, and seatpost...nothing fancy just a solid compliment to a solid bike.

The last piece of the puzzle however has very little guts.  It's the simple Crank Brothers Egg Beater 11's.  I know its not Shimano, but again I beleive pedals are personal preference and again I am lucky enough to have the support from Crank Bros.  They are the lightest, they are 4 sided so I can get in and out of them without even thinking, and now they come with a killer 5 year warranty.   Gotta love 'em...stay tuned for more sponsorship Love!

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