Monday, September 22, 2008

Double Cross

I had a great weekend in MI even though the Packers and the Steelers lost. We (Bill Street Player & TJ Woodruff) rolled out of Sheboygan Friday morning. The Hyundai was jam packed with wheels, tires, and gear. We arrived to our host house in Gregory, MI just in time for a trip down memory lane. A perfect bike ride to the old hood in Pinckney. We even got in a little cross practice on the old sledding hill! After the ride it was over the the Reeves farm the scour the barn for goodies! I found something priceless and I'm going to be mailing it to Skyler soon! We completed the ride with a trip through Hell! The Darkness would have loved it!

Saturday DAY One Double Cross:

Second row call up after Marko and I almost got skipped out with our hard earned points from last year. Good start. Tilford was a little out of control in the corners and was having chain problems. The course was really good, but a little bumpy. Page was off the front and Michael Mueller was chasing. The race for 3rd was a group of 8 riders. I rode pretty strong and stayed good position until 3 laps to go. I went to the back just at the wrong time. Marko went to the front and Tilford gapped one too many times. 3 slipped off of our group and I finished up 8th.

We went to Zukey Lake for some Pizza after the race and then wathced LSU vs Auburn.

Sunday morning we had some killer Mexican Omlettes from the Gregory Inn and then headed back to the races.


After making some adjustments to the bike Saturday night I was much more confident with my position and my brakes. With another good start I was in the mix right away. After 1 lap Page and Mueller were gone and I felt really good in the next group. I saw that Tilford was struggling and pushed hard to separate the chase group to 3 riders. With two to go I still felt strong and was able to drop Garrigan and the Swiss rider and a short climb. I put my head down(visor) and stayed smooth to finish 3rd and land on my first UCI podium.

Pretty good company on the podium! The new Easton tubulars rocked!

After the race it was over to my best friends house for some awesome Chili and some Sunday Night Football in America!
Thanks to all my sponsors - Gear Grinder, Hyundai, Trek, Crank Bros, and Oakley. It was great to see some of the old school MI crew and race on home turf.

More cool pics and here!


D A N O said...
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D A N O said...

Bad luck is behind ya!

Nice Racin'

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Anonymous said...

Great job. More to come.....

BVDG said...

nice work dude! Now that you've got some momentum your gonna be unstoppable. I'm pumped to see you put the hammer down in Madison this weekend

Andrea said...

Brian here is a photo you might like from Sundays race.

click on my photo blog