Monday, September 29, 2008

MadCross Day 2

After the race Saturday Andrea and I drove home so we could hang with Rosco. It was about 1:45 back to Sheboygan. I watched Penn State take a solid Big 10 victory then went to bed.

Sunday morning was a bit painful after racing behind the 8-ball for a full hour Saturday. By afternoon I was ready to let 'er rip one more time.

My start wasn't quite as good as day 1, but I was OK with that as I approached the race with a different strategy. I filtered in around 15 -18th wheel around the first corner. Midway through the first lap I was behind Tilford, but he was already opening gaps and not riding as strong as the rest of our group. I passed him on the run and then decided to chase down Molly Cameron. Within a half lap I caught and passed him and our group was formed.

I was feeling really good, and was riding steady and smooth. By midway in the race it was more or less Wisconsin weekend of racing as Marko, Jesse, and I were battling it out. A Swiss rider was latched on the back of our group, but I think he was at his limit. I was still feeling good and with 4 to go went to the front and started pushing the pace. Dropped the Swiss rider, but then went down in a corner. I think Marko and Jesse both rode over me and my bike. The Swiss rider caught me as I was getting up and Marko and Jesse has 5 seconds. I was able to catch back on with 1 to go. I went by Jesse, but Marko was motivated by the stars and striped dangling like a carrot 10 seconds ahead. We caught Johnson with one corner left, but it was pretty tough to pass at the end.

Maybe had I not crashed we would have caught TJ earlier and I would have been a little more fresh for the final lap. Nonetheless I am happy to score another top 10.

After the race I was baffled at my perceived effort compared to the day before, but pretty much the same result? Fast start and lots of suffering = slow start and no suffering???

Thanks to Madcross for putting on a great race, all the superfans, and all my sponsors who help me get to the races weekend after weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great update. You are a pro.....

Keep the build going to December like that and the gaps will be null!!!

Anonymous said...

Make the race or let the race come to you. Some where in the middle next time is my thought.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the GearGrinder shorts running like you stold it. Looks like the backyard workouts are paying off.

Anonymous said...

This was funny. GearGrinder teammates road update.

d*pow said...

Sun Prairie Loves B. Matter!