Monday, September 08, 2008


4th yesterday at the WORS race in Rhinelander. It was kind of a weird race! An early arrival to Eagle River saturday night after a day at work and some VO2 intervals. A relaxing Sunday morning and a quick 40 minute drive to Camp Tesomas. Perfect fall weather and a great race course. A long dirt road lead out was just what I needed after a subpar warm up. Settled in the top 5 or 6 to watch TJ hit a rock and almost highside and Chris P. flat. The race was settled. 4 of us off the front. The same top 4 from last years overall WORS points. After a lap Mike P was opening up gaps in the singletrack. I went around to the wheel of Marko who was following Jesse like glue. We came to the option in the course and I went around(didn't preride had no idea what was on the otherside and didn't want to end up like this before cheq) and the 2 second gap was enough to turn into 5 then 10. I had to settle down and they were gone. I felt saturdays efforts the whole first lap and as soon as I started feeling good I got dropped straight up! I love races like this where the best mountain biker wins. Jesse was the best even though we finished a lap early due to a freak hail storm. It was an abrupt finish and a sprint would have been weird so I sat up. Andrea was 4th in the womens race and is getting closer to scoring a top 3. She had a blast racing in the hail!

After the race Andrea and I went back to the cabin for some BLT's and a relaxing evening with Rosco and some Sunday Night Football in America.

The short race plus some hard efforts Sat should be perfect for next weekend! I'm pumped. I've heard rumors of Lance racing, but now I hear he's going back to the Tour. Who knows???

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