Saturday, September 27, 2008

MadCross Day 1

Page, J
Mueller, M
Selander, B
Wells, T
Wells Todd
Lalonde, M
Lalonde, J
Cameron, M

I lead it OUT and suffered for it the entire race!!!! Only one way to learn to go fast and that is just bite the bullet and go fast! I passed Page in corner number 3 and led for 1/2 lap. Page passed me back and so did Wells. Wells rolled his tire and gapped me which was enough for Page to check out. I followed Baker for a lap. Suffered, followed Troy for a lap and couldn't recover, followed Bjorn and M. Mueller, couldn't recover. Then I took a lap for myself. Marko caught me and It was go time again. I had spent my matches though and could only follow him. With 2 to go I was done and hung on for 7th.

I guess Baker crashed pretty good, so maybe no go for him, but TJ will be there. Time to go rest up....

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