Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So Labor Day has come and gone and I did my fair share of pedaling the new bike. It started off with some hill repeats on Mt. Hingham Thursday. Followed by a couple hours at work and the north to Eagle River. First stop. Snuddy's house to pick up the XO1 and the XO2. Andrea bought a cross bike and might just do some racing this cross season.(She's in Madtown at cross practice as I type.) Everything goes smooth in Green Bay or so it seems. back on the highway and over the river to QDoba for a burrito and another 3 hours to the cabin.

We made it to Crandon and panic set in real fast. After about 4 root canals, 6 hours of ortho work and lots of pain killers Elicia 'Jaws' Hildebrand was already hurting, but then she realized her baby blanket was MIA. Oh Shit, I think to myself I put E's pillow on top of the car at Snuddy's. How could five adults not notice a pillow on the car as we pulled out? More panic as the 5.0 behind me flashes his lights and I get pulled over for speeding. The night went south real quick in the five minute time span.

After a few heroic attempts by Snudden to locate the pillow and blanket(yes she is 31 and still has a baby blanket and so does Andrea????) we decided to go to the cabin and get some sleep.

To make a long story short it was back to Green Bay Friday morning for a successful rescue mission of the pillow and blanket. Back to Eagle River to have a sweet campsite dinner and build cross bikes.

Saturday morning was some northwoods mountain biking, followed by a 2 hour nap. Andrea and Elicia picked a gallon pail of wild blue, black, and rasberries. Sunday was a 4 hour epic on dirt roads shaking down the new XO2.

Followed by a drive home.
Monday was another 4 hours on the cross bike and a definite scare as I thought Dano was dead on the side of the road. Back to work now....stay tuned another old school update coming soon!
Oh yeah...we had some home made wild berry pie when we got home! Mmmmmm

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