Monday, February 11, 2008

The Motherland

This past weekend I made the trip back home to Pinckney MI for some quality time with old friends and a 30th B-Day Party. It's always great to drive through the old neighborhood were we terrorized all for 18 years growing up. It was back in the day where kids actually played outside and were not glued to cell phones texting and what not. It was quite sad to not see a single kid outside in the old hood. Not a single kid on the old sledding hill. Not a single kid building a snow fort. Not a single snowball flung from a tree at a passing car.

Dinner on the way home....Baby Ruth, MVP Meijer Brand Sports Drink, Motor City w/ Attitude coffee, and a couple Jack Links beef jerky! Bring on the 2008 season!

The best/worst part of the trip was the drive. Only a seasoned veteran could have made the epic trip. On the way to MI I picked up a friend in Chicago. I navigated the ghetto's and fridays rush hour traffic to arrive MI at 1:00am. Saturday we partied with some Detroit dance moves and with 5 hours sleep started the epic home. Lake effect weather was in full effect as we approached Jackson, MI and traveled at about 5mph for the next 4 hours. It was the absolute worst driving conditions I have ever season. I could have traveled faster on ice skates. White out conditions with gusty winds on a 1/2" sheet of ice had 29 cars in the ditch on a 60 mile stretch of I-94. Hockeytown had spread to I-94 as semi trucks were cross checking sedans and lots of off sides calls had multiple people in the penalty box. The new team car (Hyundai Sonata) was solid.

Maybe if they weren't driving on the wrong side of the road!


D A N O said...

You said "what not".

Thats funny.

Echelon said...

real nice jackass, you come all the way michigan and you don't call. i'm not going to speak a word in chicago in a few weeks. you're on your own.

shawzam said...

funny, that's exactly what 90/94 looked like just this morning