Friday, February 22, 2008

The Title?

It's bad when you can't think of a title for your blog post. I guess the only title I am really thinking about is this one. Yes that's right my first race of the season is approximately one month away. I guess that's bad considering I have not been on a bike since my California vacation. Even worse considering I don't even have a mtb bike yet this year! I hope the skiing is enough to stay in shape. I have also been getting crazy with some self hypnotism. We'll see how that pays off down the road....I'm always afraid I'm gong to fall asleep and never wake up?

I have been busy at the shop blowing out all of our winter inventory and preparing for the upcoming bike season. We have been pretty busy with ski rentals so the prep for spring is going slow. I have also been trying to get pedals, wheels, helmets, etc ready for the upcoming race season.

My big decision this year is going to be stick with the tried and true Bontrager Race X Lite wheelset or maybe try the Shimano tubeless road system. I have been doing a little research and the fact that Hutchinson is also making tubeless cross tires excites me. I guess in the end it comes down to $$$.

I think I am gong to be riding a Madone 5.2 Pro, a Top Fuel 9.9 (hopefully a 2009 prototype), and a Superfly! Riding a bike called Superfly means no more Blades and no more mullets.....because that stuff is not fly at all.

Maybe a breakfast ride tomorrow to start logging some miles on the bike?


teamjackass said...

Mulles and Blades are beyond fly. they are Superfly. We got one in at the shop the other day... dang....

cjs said...

You need to be clean cut to ride a 29er!

I agree the Superfly is fly, but nothing beats a homegrown, custom steel Quiring 29er!

You will have enough snow to ski until June.

Happy Training!


Sarah Lukas said...

what about the 69er? That'd make ya fast just like at iceman

Lummis said...

Loose the Bonti wheels on the SFly, way heavy.... Try the 355 ZTR tubless yellow tape and valve stem and what ever hub you want. It will be the best decision for the Sfly you could ever make------

ps a Quiring Ti is what ya really need, though my steel ride is awsome as well.