Wednesday, February 06, 2008


You know its bad when -

1. The local skis shop closes early.

2. Every other block has a car stuck on at least 2 corners.

3. There are absolutely no PBR signs illuminated along all of Michigan Ave and Business Dr in
Sheboygan at 5:30 pm.

4. Your back hurts more from shoveling snow than from the Smokin Spoke Marathon '07

5. The dog won't go outside to take a leak!


cjs said...

I am glad I do not live in Wisconsin anymore! I will take the severe Northern Michigan winters any day!

By the way, I have ridden outside everyday this week!

Sorry, I had to tell someone.


D A N O said...

Your blogging is getting out of control!
Multiple blogs is only the start.
I know a support group that helps..

Intervention soon.

Sarah Lukas said...

It's that bad of snow huh?

sheboygan local 4-ver said...

2nd most snow ever in sheboygan!


back in '47 there was 18" in a day

abatown said...

First off I heard you (and your kind) are not coming to Athens for the Gravel Rouser this year. Dissapointing we were putting our "A" game together getting ready for you this spring.

Second, I didn't know you were from Pinckney I used to live in Howell. I noticed your comment on PBR I'm sure you remember the dude in Pinckney with the big PBR label painted on his garage door it was sweet. Is it still there???

Have a good season Aaron (the guy running tech inspection at last years time trial and cramping in the road the previous year)

b-matter said...

aaron- u better get your A-Game ready because its 99% likely that I will be back to defend the title of the coolest race ever....

of course i remember the pbr garage, but i can't confirm that it is still there....

maybe some of my faithful pinckney readers can do some research and snap a photo on the next long training ride!