Monday, February 18, 2008

what to do?

Yesterday was a long day being stuck in the house for 24 hours. I didn't venture outside a single time except to pull the car into the garage so it wasn't a Sonata Popsicle this morning. I did manage an hour on the rollers down in the basement. It wasn't quite as fun as the 1.5 hour ski I did Saturday night with perfect snow conditions and a good group of guys. I had some time yesterday to look up plane tickets to Tucson and they are reasonable! Andrea and I are waiting to here back on the house after we put in a second offer. Back to work today and hoping for more snow to keep up the skiing. It seems I'm finally getting it after 5 years, but I'd reather be in AZ!

Watched Tour of California yesterday. Pretty standard results....I was impressed with Garrett Peltonen and surpised Tommy D was so far down. Maybe he is focusing on the Giro with his new team. Another impressive ride was thrown down by Cippo...can't wait for him to beat Boonen in a sprint at 41 years old. I'm pumped to start riding myself, but being patient is key for myself this time of year.

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D A N O said...

I was in Evergreen Sat nite around 6 to 7.
Didnt see you?

And no way an old man is going to beat Boonen.
And not even if he races for the King of Pants.
You should give Mr Ball a phone call. I heard he lost a few riders yesterday.