Friday, February 29, 2008


Pie - 3.14 or Chicago Deep Dish?

Day One of the bike fit seminar was pretty cool. Lots of anatomy education and tooling education. Today will be more hands on bike fitting. I'm pumped.

More to follow after the weekend. Breakfast ride or ski race?


tom said...

dude, how are people supposed to send you an email, when it's not listed anywhere on here? Tony's trying to get ahold of you, r.e. some swanky new PI shoes. What's your email? I guess they have your blog firewalled over there at Pearl. let me or him know. thanks,

tom t

tom said...

Oh Yeah, It's 60 and sunny here in Boulder.

Anonymous said...

hey, b-ride Saturday, ski race Sunday (in the rain?)

cjs said...

How about a Sara Lee Pie? Go down the road to Downers Grove and tell them Chad sent you!