Monday, November 30, 2009

Jingle Rockin' Good Time

How do I walk away of 3 days of running through ankle deep mud in 40 degree, temperatures, with full body aches, but still have a smile on my face???

I think stuff like this helps....

Anyway Day 3 of Jingle Cross was another battle between the midwest guys. This time it was Marko, Tristan, Dave H. and Jake Wells, all battling for the 3rd spot on the podium. There was a slight chance 2nd place was coming back to us, but his effort during the first 1/4 of the race was too big to bring back.....

One of my favorite parts of Jingle Cross is the huge variations in minute your are suffering like a dog going 2 mph up Mt. Krumpit....the next you aer closing a gap at 30+ mph down the start stretch....ouch

Ended up 5th on the day and was pretty happy. All of us were pretty strong in the chase group, and Marko earned his Podium spot for sure.

All in all Jingle Cross has been the best weekend of cross season so far this season...and for one reason(not the bikini race)....the Superfans....It truly sounded like Belgium at the top of Mt. Krumpit!!!!! Huge props to the Jingle Cross Rock crew for rounding up the racous spectators.(no spectators in the photo because we weren't even close to the was a long brutally hard run up)

Another huge THANKS goes out to Mike and the MY WIFE INC team for being the best pit crew of the season and keeping the Norcross' looking clean!!!! Thanks team.

Now it's time to rest up.....and get ready for Euroland! It's going to be an expensive trip , so I'm gathering up some goodies and going to get an ebay auction going. The Matter Supporter Gear Grinder T's are almost ready. I also have a couple bikes for sale. Or if your just having a great day and feeling generous, I am excepting donations via paypal(upper right corner of blog!)

Thanks again for reading.....stay tuned for some Belgian style preparation w/ a Sheboygan twist!


Biwan said...

Alright, girls in bikinis, I'm going to Jingle Cross next year! If I donate money, can I request how it can be spent?

Anonymous said...




were in as well.! better start sellinn some stuff!!

Karew said...