Saturday, November 21, 2009

North Carolina Podium

After a great visit with Grandma and one last stop to check out Jamestown and the history of John Smith and Pocahontas it was time to head south to the UCI in North Carolina.

A short race report goes like this....

Took the holeshot(that's my shadow)! After a few laps the lead group of 4 was formed. Frattini, Shriver, J. Wells, and myself. We all tried a little something, but nothing was going early on. The course was awesome, but overall very fast! With 2 to go Shriver countered Frattini move and mad the race. Shriver was opening the gap while Jake and I were playing a little cat and mouse and trying to catch Frattini. The gap was only 10 seconds but we couldn't close.

With 1k to go I attacked and got a small gap....up the last steep climb I still had a few seconds and then Jake rolled a tire and I cruised in 4 or 5 seconds behind Frattini for 3rd!

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow so that might shake some things up.... until tomorrow

ps... Huge thanks to Janet and the NCCX crew for the host housing and the great race!


Anonymous said...

heck ya.

Nathan Guerra said...

HOLESHOTS FTW!...errr FT3rd anyways. Great Job!