Friday, November 27, 2009

T-Day & Jingle Cross

I'm a travelin' again....after a little bout with food poisoning at Mom and Dad's (barfing and the shits for about 12 hours) I headed back home Wed just in time for Chicago rush hour traffic jam.

Thursday was a good day watching the Packers win and having a good dinner with Andrea and her family.

Friday was on the road again down to Jingle Cross....if you live in the midwest and want to watch a good cross race this is the one! Tons of Superfans.....and tonight we raced under lights. Unfortunately things weren't going my way...a crash on the descent and some cramping in the hammies.....but I got the holeshot! I think I finished 8th or 9th...ouch...not what I was hoping for....that's why there is always tomorrow in bike until then time to go clean mud off my bikes and do some hotel room laundry....

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Karew said...

If you can beat Todd Wells tomorrow I'll buy you dinner next time I see you. Good luck out there.