Sunday, November 22, 2009


Day 2 of the NCCX was a whole new ball game. After some killer mexican food with team Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and a little college football Saturday night I was ready for day 2 Sunday in NC. With rain in the forecast I was ready to swap over to the EC90 Aeros and get the Norcross a little dirty!

We arrived to the race 2 hours prior to start and I was able to get 2 full laps on the course before the women raced(props to team Planet Bike for crushing the womens field both days). This was key in dialing in tire pressure and finding the good lines, before the course was completely destroyed from the constant 40 degree rain. I spent a good amount of time on the trainer and did one more recon lap just after the womens race. A quick change into a fresh (dry)Gear Grinder skinsuit, socks, shoes, and gloves kept me nice and warm during the calls ups.

We started and Frattini got the holeshot, but I passed hime before the first off camber muddy corner. Shriver and Jake Wells soon made there way up and Shriver was once again drilling the end of lap one there was a bobble at the top of the wall and Frattini had a gap. Shriver jumped, but didn't have the legs to go across. Jake and I soon reeled him in and by the end of lap 2 had gapped him. Frattini was 10 seconds up as Jake and I attacked each other/worked together for the next 4 laps. With 3 laps to go my hands and feet started losing sensations, but we were in a heated battle and I knew if Frattini had one bobble we would be racing for top spot on the podium. With 2 to go I almost lost it on an easy corner and Jake hurt me a little, but I bridged on the wooded climb.
I noticed I was riding the off camber section a little fast than him so on the last lap I made sure I led through that section and into the wall. I relly let it rip figuring if I crash I'm still on the podium, but if I nail the line I get 2nd. I nailed it.... After the race it was a little rough, but I survived and I'm now in Athens, OH with Mom and Dad all cleaned up...
The Blue's rode awesome in the mud and the new geometry is amazing for handling in the greasy conditions. It might have a little something to do with the super stiff Eastons too....or maybe the Rhynos with the perfect tire pressure.....either way the motivation is growing for the remainder of the cross season!

Thanks to all who cheered in the rain and thanks to the NCCX crew for putting on a great race.

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your looking aged and hard. we like it!