Tuesday, December 23, 2008


After a 2:30 hour ride, a few times getting lost, and a little lunch it was off to Brugge.....we didn't see Dr. Evil's father??? It was about a 30 minute train ride from Izegem to Brugge which cost 6e. Definately worth the price of admission. It is a beautiful place. Too bad I was with Wells and Shriver! I think I would have been better off with Andrea...maybe next time.First things first...straight to the street vendor with the Belgian Waffle makers man those things are good...I'm going to do my best to score one of those things and steal a recipe.Next up it was the museums. I'm not one for the natural history or science museums though....(insert picture of Friet Museum that blogger will not load)After checking out the museum it was off to De Pub for the real deal. I have only had about 1 beer in my life, but I really needed something to wash down the Friets. I had the Leffe Christmas beer. Mmmm Mmmm good to the last drop.After checking out the canals and doing a little Christmas shopping it was time for some dessert. Rick Steve's of Seattle WA recommended a great little Chocolatier called Dumon. The chocolates were out of this world good. As the Christmas lights were turning on we slowly made our way back to the middle of town to check out the ice rink and Christmas Tree. Then it was back camp....we are getting close to the all important 48 hour mark where race preparations need to become priority over tourist destinations.Tomorrow is time to open up the legs and start some serious mental preparation!


Chris said...

Hey, hope you didn't see any Irish hit-men hiding out and running around the square shooting at each other. Was the town like out of a fairy tale?

Good luck this week!

Karew said...

I'll bet that Sven Nys wasn't drinking beer and eating chocolate today! ;)

Tim said...

Chris beat me to it. Stay away from Dwarfs too, just in general, but especially in Bruge.

Before you head back you MUST try a Grand Cru. 6 oz or so will be enough to knock you on your arse. Well worth it though.

Good luck with the Belgian Season. Kill some dreams!

Carrie said...

MMMM...frites, waffles, beer and chocolate. You had my fantasy day in Begium!