Friday, December 19, 2008

My bags are packed!

Clean bikes, New Bar Tape, New Cables & Housing, New Chains, New Brake Pads, and New DA Crankset and 46 T ring on the white Trek XO2, packed and ready to rock!

Spare Chains, Cables & Housing, Tires w/ glue, Pads, Der. Hangers, Pedals, Cleats, Fenders, Bottle Cage, Footbed Warmers, Water Bottles, and Frame pump packed and ready to rock!

Garmin + Charger, Ipod + Charger, Phone + Charger, Laptop + Charger w/ a brand new Skype account, Microphone & Headset, Camera & battery Charger, Passport, 08 & 09 UCI License, Checkbook, Wallet, Flight Info, Belgium Phone numbers & lodging info, and Belgian Knee Warmers all packed and ready to rock!

4 Skinsuits, 2 Helmets(one new Bell VOLT w/visor!), 2 pairs of Shoes, 2 pairs of Oakley Radars, rain jacket, thermal jacket, wind jacket, wind vest, 2 bibs, thermal l/s jersey, l/s jersey, ss jersey, base layers, skins for the flight, leg warmers, knee warmers, 4 pairs gloves, 2 pairs shoe covers, cycling hat, thermal cycling hat, ear warmers and a plethora of socks all packed and ready to rock!

Now I just have to wait for a flight. The 12 plus inches of snow got the better of Milwaukee & flight 2866. As far as I know the flights out of Newark are still heading over to Belgium, but I'm going to have to wait until Sunday. I was on the phone non-stop this morning trying to re-book but Sunday was the next best option.

It's a little tough on the mental game only because I thought I was done training for the year. Now it's back to the trainer for another 2 days. Andrea was happy I am home for another two days! Back to the phone for one last attempt at a Saturday departure...Next update from Belgium? More Thanks to Marko & Meghan and Gordy & Diane for EuroCrossCamp donations! ps. got a little lovin' here, here, and here!!!


Julie said...

did you try for a flight out of Chi?

cjs said...

Dude, you forgot the kitchen sink!

Take in the experience!

See you in the spring!


AJ brandt said...

My flight out of GM got canned today too...
I've been on hold for about 3 hours today trying to rescheduled. We can't get out till tuesday. have fun though. good luck man

Echelon said...

good luck brother! the bikes look awesome!

Tim said...

Brian, Best of luck from Portland!

The Guru said...

Can you send my the link to your skype account?