Sunday, December 21, 2008

Travel Time

I made it.....After 24 hours of being on hold with Continental Airlines I was able to change from a Tuesday arrival to a Monday arrival to a Sunday arrival. However this entailed a departure from Ohare instead of Milwaukee. Luckily Andrea's sister Carrie was flying into Milwaukee so Saturday after a very short version of the breakfast ride I was on the way to General Mitchell. I said my goodbyes and watched Andrea's dad almost drive off without her, then it was a shuttle to Ohare.

7:35 Pm Departure was On-Time but the snow was falling fast. We boarded the plane at about 8pm and then sat there for 3 hours while the cargo door was being worked on along with the reverse thrusters? We landed in Amsterdam with just enough time to make it through customs and catch the next flight to Brussels. The bikes however did not have enough time. So here I am in Izegem in the bunk beds trading war stories of our travel times. The bikes are hopefully arriving between 8am and Noon tomorrow. I think my sleep schedule is a little messed up so this first update is going to be a quicky.

The first race on the schedule is the WORLD CUP in Zolder.....


the michigan scene said...

go for it! from from your allies at the miscne

the fat guy who rides said...

step one was making. now step two, kick some ass. this superfan will be cheer for you.