Monday, December 22, 2008

Izegem Belgium!

Today was the first full day in Izegem....I had a good first night of sleep and after tonight I should be dialed with the new sleep schedule. I had some Mueslix and Yogurt for breakfast and then read a book and waited for my gear and bikes. The bikes arrived in good working order and they were built up and ready to rock by 12:30pm and soon after I was on the bike and riding the canals. It was pretty much the only place I could ride without getting lost as most of the guys were gone riding before my bikes arrived. I spun out the legs for an hour and felt pretty good. Then I decided to go check out town and got lost immediately. As we speak one of the Juniors has been missing for 3+ hours! After finding my way back to the house it was time for my first Euro massage. A 60+ year old Belgian guy who didn't speak much if any English. Legs are feeling tip top and it'll be good to get things opened up tomorrow with some efforts. A little bread and some more yogurt for lunch and dinner is in an hour. Then some more relaxation. I'll be on the start line before I know it....

Next up waffles, chocolate, and a day trip to Bruge?


Bruce said...

Wheres the snow?????? You don't know what you are missing here, only a 12+ inches and more on the way.

Tristan Schouten said...

bring a bike if you go to Bruge, its too much walking otherwise.

R.W. said...

I watched the movie "In Bruges", becareful of guys falling from the tower. ;)

Have fun and keep pedaling!

Echelon said...

Bruge is really awesome. you will like it there. if you go back through brussles, try to walk the city and get a waffle from the yellow street cart vendor. they are simply the best in all of the world.

can't wait to hear about race # 1.
ride strong man.


packfill said...

good luck Brian! Definitely check out Brugge if you get the chance. when tony and i went over for world's in '07, we stayed there for a few days. it's absolutely amazing. the best thing that i've ever eaten was a chocolate covered waffle that i bought from a lady in an alley there.