Sunday, December 28, 2008

Juggling Act

This morning was pure chaos followed by a little peace and quiet....

Life at the camp can be a little chaotic at time. We have 9 Juniors, 6 U23's and 3 Elites. Each of which have 2 bikes and some have multiple wheelsets. 2 Mechanins, 2-3 Drivers/Pit Crew, Els the cook, and 2 Soigneurs. With this many people in the house at the same time all trying to do the same things it gets a little overwhelming. Lucky for the Elites the Jr's usually leave pretty early in the morning followed closely by the U23's, which leaves us with a little time for peace and quiet(even thought the constant euro techno is still blazing in the background).

Today we race the Super Prestige in Deigem, however the race doesn't start until 5:30pm and is held under the lights. So we have a little extra time this morning to pack the bags, clean the bomb that went off in the kitchen from the mass exodus, this morning and get ready for another hour of pain.

For those of you not going to todays Packers-Lions game (one day after the fifteenth anniversary of the Lambeau Leap) you can try this link to watch the race live. Again we go off at 17:30pm EST (euro standard time) which is 7 hourse ahead of WI in the CST Zone.

Two or three days ago I heard a bummer rumor going around about seems the Belgians know everything about cyclocross 3 days sooner than everyone is a kick in the stomach for US Cyclocross...we'll see what happens.


Ric said...

Thanks for the live feed link. Did Page fly-in at the last second? Take care and stay warm.

cjs said...

The boys and I watched the whole race live. Thanks for the live feed connection.

We saw you twice:

Once at the start flying down the road and once going at the left hander up the small bitch of a hill.

We were yelling at the computer screen for you!

See ya State-side!

The Schuts