Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love rest days....sleeping in, eating, then back to bed to surf the net. A quick ride to loosen up the legs and a stop by the coffe shop for some pastries and espresso. I have been looking for photos all morning with no luck. When they do show I think they will be here. I did find this video on you tube. The start was a little jacked as the left side didn't push at all due to the camera man still being in the course as the start light went green??? Not Pro. Tomorrow we race the Deigem GVA under the lights! A 5:30pm start in the dark will be cold for sure, but I'm ready to head out and bump elbows again! This afternoon it will be a trip to the local chocolatiera for some X-mas presents for the lucky folks back home.


Sarah Lukas said...

ah have fun in that evening race. that sounds awesome! kind of like those indoor cyclocross races?!

Tim said...

Good job yesterday. Don't worry about the pictures. Just keep digging deep and have a good time.