Tuesday, December 30, 2008

GVA Azencross Loenhout

Another one in the books and this was more my style....full speed ahead grit your teath, with some really technical icy corners. I finished 3:00 minutes down on the winner Stybar. 39th Place. It was crazy out there today. Lots of elbows and tight racing action. I could almost hear my Superfans back home. I almost had to take the father in-laws advice on the first lap after some swiss dude put me into the boards. I managed to stay up though and he checked out pretty fast. If you missed the live feed you can check out the last lap here. I had a pretty good start considering my call up. I knew this was the kind of race where the start means everything as the straightaway were short with ice around every corner.

I settled into a group early on with Wells and 3 or 4 other guys. Midway through the race some riders came up and our group splintered and I was sure to be in the front half. The tires and wheels were awesome today. I think I was running 20 psi...I managed to doink the rim at least 10 times per lap, but no flat tires. The low tire pressure allowed me to take the icy corners faster the the guys in my group, but still be recovering from the full out sprint each time down the start finish. The whoops section was a little scary....one mistake and you were done for. The last lap with Sybar and Nys going head to head in the whoops was crazy...its hard to tell from the video, but those things are steep and deep.

Tomorrow is another rest day followed by another GVA in Baal (Nys's hometown)Thurs and then Sint Nikklaus on Fri.

I wonder if Rosco was watching the race?


Tim D. said...

I don't think the whoop's are that big in motocross. I think my bike would have disappeared in those things. I see a top 20 in your future.

Jeff Patton said...

Give them hell over there! From a long lost Ann Arbor mate.

Carrie said...

The New York superfans would have tossed banana peels in the path of that Swiss dude, yelling "Watch this baby!!!!"