Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 1

No bikes yet....latest news is they are in London? I hope they show for tomorrow. I'm registered for the WC in Kalmthout. Call up in row 6. It looks like a good course....mtb style with some long wooded sections. It would be really nice if I don't have to ride J. Pow's 5 year old Salsa that now is basically a permanent training bike at the house. I heard Tyler Farrar was the last guy beating up on it.....they tell me it will be fast if it comes to a sprint. I didn't get to ride it today though. Instead I was riding a national team road bike on the ice with a really tight crashes luckily.

I had my first bar of chocolate from the wall. Monday looks like the day to head to Brugge for the Leffe and the waffles. Stay tuned for tomorrows race report.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some first class comps are on order for the loss of the bikes!

eforendo said...

GOOD LUCK in Euroland!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the Gear Grinder T's?!