Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Go Time!

It's been a little hectic finalizing all the details and making sure I am well prepared for the trip. I think I nailed it though...now I just have to see if I can fit it all in my bike case/wheel box/duffel bags! I hate traveling with bikes these days. Overweight and Oversize fees are most of the time more expensive than the plane tickets themselves.

As far as training it's been good. 2 solid rides over the weekend on the beach with quite a few 15 minute efforts and a good run the day before. Today was a brutal day. 14 degrees with 15mph winds...it hurt, but the good news is I don't think it will hurt that bad over in Belgium! I managed to get the old ticker up to 182 at 14 degrees putting to sleep the notion that you can't get the HR up in the cold!

I'm flying out of Chicago Ohare Thursday afternoon and arrive in Brussels Friday morning. Saturday is a local race to shake out the legs and then I'll jump right into the World Cup in Kalmthout(only a few km's from Hoogerheide!). Here is the full schedule!

19 Lichetrvelde, National B race
20 Kalmthout, World Cup CDM (Elites; possibly JR and U-23 races)
23 Noordzeecross, Middelkerke, C2
26 Zolder, World Cup CDM
27 Diegem, Super Prestige C1
29 Azencross, Loenhout, GVA C1
30 Tourhout, C2
1 Grote Prijs Sven Nys, Baal GVA C1
2 Grote Prijs der Ster, St Niklaas, C2
3 GP Groenendaal, St Michielgestel Holland C2

I'll do my best to find some links so you can watch the races live!

A huge thanks goes out to Bruce LeBlanc, my MOM, Chris Newlin, Dano, Adam Biwan, David Compton, and John Hughes for EuroCrossCamp donations! Another thanks all my sponsors for getting me hooked up with all the small odds and ends to make to trip complete!

and of course to my wife Andrea for putting up with me leaving 2 x-mas' in a row...


devin said...

Good Luck go Fast have fun and don't eat to much chocolate..
Give em Hell

Julie said...

Woo hoo! Go Brian!

Christine said...

Go get um!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

let er' all hang out man.

Karew said...


Make the world's team and stay over there for the race. I know you have it in you.

Anonymous said...

Get it....