Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zolder WC

I was battling with Pauwels the last lap...unfortunately it was not for the win if you know what I mean. 56th. Not quite as good as last year, but I rode as fast as possible. After the race in Kalmthout I was really focused on having a good start and I killed it.....through the pits on the first lap I was 3 spots behind Page. I was pretty happy with this....then when it was time to put out the power I was lacking. Maybe I was too focused on a good start and after I accomplished my goal I didn't know what to do next??? Sometimes you can focus on one aspect way too much....or maybe I overcooked it and then suffered for the next 2 laps until I could recover. Not sure, but I think I'm still improving. Had I felt this way last year I think I would have been lapped. So I think in general I am stronger and my off days are better than in the past. I just hope I have a really good day in the next 4 races. At least I got some good TV time here in Belgium as I was holding off Pauwels at the line(stupid american)!

Tomorrow is the Superprestige in Diegem. The race is super cool and is held in an urban setting. You can watch the race LIVE here. Thanks for reading.


sprider said...

Nice race, Brian! CN had a good write-up and mentioned you.

Slay it at Diegem tomorrow!!

Chris Newlin said...

Hey Brian, looks like it was an awesome course. You look good on the tube, keep the ham and cheese coming and the rest will follow.

Julie said...

Yup, I saw you on Sporza! Way to live the dream, and good luck in Diegem.