Friday, December 25, 2009

Rain & Ice

Here is a pick from my 23rd place finish last Wed in Middlekerke. Again Merry Christmas to all back home. I hear the weather is pretty nasty. I love it that Sheboygan weather is constantly more brutal than Belgian weather. It makes it just a little easier over here knowing the weather is slightly nicer. Today is the day before a World Cup. Today is also Christmas. So the house is pretty quiet. Geoff Proctor spent the day in Zolder inspecting the course and picking up race numbers.

The rest of the staff was either busy preparing for the race or spending time with their families. Most of the riders went for an early morning trainer ride and only a handful of us braved the morning wet. The snow and ice is almost gone after the rain last night. I heard the course was very icy, but after a few complaints from the big dogs they managed to get 3 salt trucks on to the F1 circuit to help melt the remaining ice. Here is a quick video highlight from last years race.

Most of the day after the ride was spent relaxing and reading. Just finished up The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom and started A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins. In the afternoon we took a little cruiser ride in search of some fresh air and a good cappucino. My cruiser was in surprisingly good shape. Nothing was open though and it was a little chilly so it was a short lived ride. Now its time for a little snack and then an early night to bed. We will leave the house at 10am tomorrow and then race at 3:00. After the World Cup most of the races will be live online at Stay tuned for tomorrows race report.

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Anonymous said...

I read that book "a walk across america". Good book !! Good luck tomorrow and Merry Christmas.

T. Drankus