Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Race 2 is under the belts! I felt much better today than I did in the World Cup in Kalmthout. I finished 23rd and was on the lead lap. It was snowy, windy, muddy, but not too muddy. I crashed once, not paying attention as I was passing someone. After the crash I got a new bike and something clicked with the handling skills. All the sudden I could ride around corners 2x as fast. The gaps were big but I was able to ride from the mid 30's to the low 20's. Check out for some photos. This is one of the races that I considered not doing and I was glad I made the decision to race. I am pretty confident each race will be better and better.

The morning started as most mornings start here at Eurocross Camp. The JR's being really loud as they prepare to leave, then a little break in the action for a few hours before the Elites and U23's take off. During the 2 hour break I checked my e-mail 15 - 25 times, made some Ham &
Cheese samies, packed the race bag, and did a little reading. Josef was the driver once again. He is still, in my book, the unsung hero of the camp even though someone managed to lose the keys to one of the vans we were supposed to be driving. We were running a little late and in his broken english he said he generally knew where we were going. I think some of the guys were a little nervous, but we made it with plenty of time and only one wrong turn. Most of the races are held in towns that are half the size of Oostburg, WI and you can easily find the church in the middle of town and then find your way to the race.

After the race its pretty crazy in the house. Els is making dinner, guys are rushing for the hot water in the showers, mechanics are riders battle for the power washer to clean bikes and shoes, and the laundromat is filled with 'stupid Americans. With 18 riders and 10+ rotating staff its tough to keep the house clean. So there is a chore list and tonight I was on Pots and Pans duty which is the most despised. So pretty much what I'm saying is a race day in Belgium is a full day even though the race is 45 minutes from the house and only and hour long. Can't wait for tomorrows recovery day.

Broke in the new Gear Grinder skinsuit today it has much more white on it......good to get it a little dirty. Everyday there is a special message and a word of the day....Troy came up with this one!


Belgian Roommate from 09 said...

Matter, nice riding in Middlekerk, but you let Summer school beat you? Keep up the good blog posts, enjoy reading them.

Anonymous said...

I would start a pool on how many ham and cheese your would hammer this camp. But... you would rig it to win it...

Keep up the good work. Looking foward to top 25 next week.

Manicmtbr said...

Please keep an eye on Jeff Bahnson for us and keep improving your finish positions!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a good time over there and nice work on the racing! I like reading the latest and greatest happenings...very cool! Merry Christmas and Good luck on all the races!