Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 4

This is the 3rd day in a row that I have been awake at 8:30am....this is good. I think I'm finally adjusted. I was on the bike at 10:30 and got in a good cross practice in a nearby park. I was able to play with tires and pressure and get a good feel for the snow and the ice. This is what the streets looked like on the way to the park! Gotta love Izegem!

After the ride Proctor and I enjoyed some good ol' Ham & Cheese. Then we took a quick trip over to a bike shop. Now I can call it a business trip! The place was called Sportiva and it was pretty much everything you could ask for. Top of the line stuff everywhere you looked. The shop must be killing it because they have about 10x more dollars in inventory than SBC. I'm assuming its the off-season here for the majority of cyclists.

After the trip to the bike shop I had a cup of coffee with the Fox and then took a solo stroll into town in search for a power adapter. It was actually pretty nice out...I even saw one of the JR's dressed as Santa trying to climb back into their room. Tomorrow is the Noordzecross in Middlekerke...


Chris Newlin said...

More Ham and Cheese!

Shriver said...

only 4 ham and cheese sandwiches. That's not that many. Pick up the pace.