Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When Cyclists Go Bowling

I have a feeling there are going to be a few sore bodies tomorrow. Today in Belgium we hit the lanes. It was funny to see the competitive side come out of cross racers, but in a different sport. Yannick the Jr from Germany was the big winner, followed by Wells and Steve Fisher. Zach McDonald won the Green Jersey for fastest ball at 39.09 kmh. Joshua 'Homeschool' Lehman won the Polka Dot Jersey for most gutter balls, and I won the most aggresive rider jersey with a 10th frame through the legs strike! A couple guys blew out their backs, some hurt their thumbs, and definitely an injured wrist or two.


Anonymous said...

When the going gets tough....the tough go bowling!!!

Karew said...

Good story but it'll never top our bowling night in Big Bear when Big D cracked and I rolled a 196. Funny, seems like Big D cracked a lot on that trip, huh?


b-matter said...

ahhhh the that bowling night will never be topped!