Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Monday

We have reached the half way point of ECCX VII! 4 races down and 3 to go. This year has been significanly different than last year in that the equipment has been taking a beating! So today is a day to be grateful for my excellent sponsors and the Belgie mechanics. The Blue bikes have been outstanding. They are taking a beating and still performing top notch. The Easton Wheels are rocking and it is so important over here to have your stuff in top notch condition and interchangeable. I am so lucky to be able to have 2 identical bikes, and 4 identical wheelsets. I'm also lucky to have Mark and his crew of mechanics cleaning, prepping, loading, and lubing the bikes everyday. I can't imagine having to take care of 18 riders with 2 bikes and multiple wheelsets.

Another huge thanks goes out to the guys at Crank Brothers. The Egg Beaters are by far the lightest and best mud shedding pedals on the cx scene. Also Oakley for setting me up with multiple sets of shades and lens for all the different course conditions.

Of course Gear Grinder and Hyundai for the financial support and the use of the team car. Without them all the training hours and racing would not be possible. The Matter Supporter T-Shirts will be available on the website soon.

Finally to my family. 24 hours support 365 days a year. What more could you ask for? I miss them a lot. It is not only the racing over here that is brutally hard. Leaving your family over the holidays is pretty darn tough too. So a huge thanks to Andrea and Rosco, my Mom and Dad, and My In-Laws Mike and Chris.

Next up is the Azencross in Loenhout. The race is part of the GVA series(Antwerp Newspaper) last year was blazing fast and this year sounds like deep deep mud. You can watch the race on I think we race at 3:00pm which is 8:00am central time and 9:00am eastern time.

Thanks again to everyone who is reading and leaving comments. All the support helps. Plus whatever super fan was yelling for me in Diegem......"way to represent Wisco" Time to go be pro
like Troy...

ps check out that Ham & Cheese count...race days really help when you can get 2 or 3 down the hatch! I didn't count the Ham & Pasta we had for dinner!


dirt-diesel said...

Keep up the fast racing and blog updates. The Tees are pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

Bikes look great!