Monday, January 19, 2009

The Big Show

I was talking with some of the guys (Steelers) after the big game last night and we layed out our training, rest, and travel plans together. After a great day of riding, eating some killer chili, and football the Pittsburgh Steelers and I have some business to take care of on Feb 1st! Tomlin wasn't quite sure when he was heading down to Tampa. I reminded him that rest is the key ingredient during the late stages of a long season.
I did nail down my plans and booked my tickets back to Belgium this Thursday! I arrive Friday morning for the Pre-Worlds Camp in Izegem. Hopefully all the luggage makes it on time and I can do a warm up race on the weekend. After the race I will be gluing on some new Dugast Rhino's that I bought from cyclocrossworld on some new 2009 Easton EC90 Aeros. I'll be dialing in the bikes, resting, and then making the 2 hour drive up to Hoogerheide the following Thursday. From there it's a couple days on the course and then the big show. I will jump right into the off season watching the Steelers attempt to crush the Superbowl from a pub in Europe! Luckily Andrea and her sister Carrie are also making the trip and after the race we are taking a week to enjoy the sights of Europe. When I arrive home I will be in full relaxation mode for a month!

I will also be in full blow out mode selling everything I own to cover the cost of the trips and to get ready for the 2009 season. I have a Fuel 9.9, a Superfly, 4 sets of Easton EC90 Aeros with tires, two Trek XO2's, 2 sets of 4 ti crank bros pedals, and much more. If you might be interested in prebooking any orders let me know.... all my stuff is in great shape.

Imagine if Polamalu had a mullet? Go Steelers!


Anonymous said...

i wonder if gully would let me wear a steelers jersey at worlds?

BVDG said...

I'm about to watch "VooDoo Moon". Thats pro. You make it home ok? I cant believe you got away with 40 bones on the flight!

Justin said...

wanna bet on the cardinals superbowl game??

Mazenbloo said...

I'm sorry bit I have to say


(even as a transplant to AZ I have to cheer for them! :D )

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