Thursday, January 29, 2009


We left Izegem this morning and headed north across the border to Hoogerheide! The vibe here is amazing. Lots of guys riding the course, the entire city covered in UCI rainbow stripes, and the Dutch people are loving every minute of it....

Luckily we are staying away from the scene because it could get pretty contagious and a lot of energy could be wasted. That energy will be much needed come Sunday. So we are shacked up at Hotel Klooster Van Rilland about 12k from the race course.

So today we rode from the hotel to do a few laps. We signed a few autographs and then took to the course. The course is a sweet loop with a really long cobblestone uphill start. We take a hard left onto the course and do some bumpy grass sections. There are a few good drops and some greasy 180 back uphill corners. It looks like there will be 3 huge jumbotron TV's for the spectators who are not lucky enough to get a front row spot. The course is divided into two sections an upper section and a lower. Most of the ground is hard and frozen. As the weekend goes on and some thawing occurs it could get pretty nasty.

The video below is just a short clip of who I am putting my money on for Worlds!

Motor Pacing on the pre-ride.....killer!

A couple more days and I'll be right here(just a few rows back)!
Thanks again to all who have helped me on this journey. Thanks to my sponsors Gear Grinder, Hyundai, Blue, TRP, Crank Bros & Oakley! Don't forget to score your Gear Grinder Worlds Schwag!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Andrea should bring your yellow scooter?

cjs said...

Why is it so darn green there and so cold!

Have a great Worlds experience!

The boys and I are in full support of you! Tear it up!


Kyia said...

Have a great ride Brian!

the fat guy who rides said...

that is what I keep forgetting. An autograph! DOG!

Anonymous said...

Pedal Hard!!!

Is that frame Steeler colors?


Anonymous said...

custom painted steelers colors just for me!



Kill it Bri---
Have an exceptional day !

Well be drinking Hopslams and screaming at your blogger for you to do well !

Echelon said...

enjoy your time and take in as much as you can. once in a lifetime opportunity!

Anonymous said...

That shirt is cool. I like the star tie into the Pit Steelers

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to watch this race live?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Brian!!! If you have the live feed link, post it when you have a chance.

Roll over'em man!!!!

Ric Knapp

BVDG said...

Matter! Matter! Matter!!! Good luck dude, the grey wolf asked me to tell you good luck, and something about "attack the pack!!!"