Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shootout 39:12

Well today was the big showdown in Tucson, with all the hot new pros in town it was sure to be blistering fast. Ty and I rolled down Ajo highway at about 6:30 am. We arrived :45 min later and were ready to roll. Then it happened...My front der. housing broke and I was stuck in the 39. I tried to fix it to no avail and was instantly chasing onto the back of the group. We started ripping it up past Valencia and I was thinking of my singlespeed friends back in Wisco. I was spinning like mad. Long story short I made it in the lead group and was 6th or 7th in the final sprint climb. After the ride I put in some serious time at the coffee shop. I had a breakfast burrito at the B-Line and ran into an old teammate. I did some more time at the coffee shop and even got some free advice for worlds from the Gray Wolf.

After a while we rolled to Bookmans and then to Rosa's for a Carne Seca Burro....mmm We then rolled to Mt. Lemmon to pick up Andrea and Elicia after their summit. Now we are crashing Team Wisconsin's house before going out to dinner with Karew to celebrate his 36th birthday. We are going out for Mexican.

I wonder what the Belgies would think of doing an epic group ride in the 39 followed by 3 burritos? Thanks to Ver for letting me steal his computer and camera cord!


Anonymous said...

What bike is the Wolf riding these days? I am heading back to Tucson next month. Can't wait.


Mazenbloo said...

I'm so bummed I missed you here! I need to check back more often!


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