Friday, January 02, 2009


It's official. My first Euro Cross Campaign was a huge success. It finished today with a 35th place at the Sint-Niklaas race. The course was fast w/ 2 treacherous off camber icy descents / covered in a greasy mud. The race went a big cirlce around a lake and was pretty cool. There was one stair case run up and a pretty good sand section on the beach.

I had a great start, but wasn't hooking up with the Tufo's in the greasy stuff even at 19psi. I struggled until half way through I started to get the feel of things, but it was too late to do anything about it....I didn't get lapped which means 5 Euro Cross Races in the last 8 Days all on the lead lap with no major problems or crashes...."great success" as Wells would say. The Americans killed it today in the Junior Race and the Elite Race. I wonder what the Belgies were thinking with so many Americans racing.

The day ended as all cross races should. With a Belgie SuperFan coming up and asking for my autograph on a photo he took earlier in the day! Time for some steak and friets!

I'll try to squeeze in one more update tomorrow before flying home Sunday morning. Thanks again to all who donated $ via Paypal. Thanks to Wally Kunstman for the donation and the loaner laptop from which I have been doing all my updates. Thanks to Geoff Proctor & staff at the EuroCross Camp, & huge thanks to Gear Grinder casual clothing for the great sponsorship this entire season.


t_BENDER said...

Well done Brian, its been a pleasure rootin' for ya in the modderland. Way to kill it.

Hardie Bikes said...

Fantastic racing Brian and has been great reading.
Have a good journey home.

cjs said...

I would have to say freakin' well done!

My kids and I loved rooting for you on the live feeds!

Your writings are equally entertaining.

See you state side!

Start training for 2009.


shoberg said...

brian, way to stick to are living proof that being honest and sincere with ones passion is truly success! cheers pal!

Matt Shriver said...


Guess what they served for brecky from Brussels to London? Ham and Cheese buddy! It never ends. Keep me posted on your Worlds Petition, I will keep you in the loop as well

Sarah Lukas said...

this is awesome. Congrats on such a successful season!

Tim said...

Way to go! It's official then, you've STARTED your season off on the right foot! Get yourself a single speed and you'll be wrecking everyone. I'm just suggesting...