Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Countdown's On

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As the race approaches I am realizing the long race season will be over very shortly. It is kind of weird to have so much hype and energy in the air and by 4:00pm Sunday Hoogerheide will be back to a ghost town and the race season will be over. I am doing my best to take in every single second! The Jr's are headed to the race and the U-23's will follow shortly. I think some of the Jr's have a legit shot at making a podium! We are going to sneak on the course for our last preview in between races. I was hoping to watch the Jr's and U-23's on TV, but I don't think it will happen.

We just finished another fine dutch breakfast....Pasta and what else....Ham & Cheese!

I scored myself a sweet blaze/Dutch Orange Worlds hat! It should go great in Eagle River where I hope to get to get some skiing in before the snow melts when I get back to the States.

Our Belgian support crew didn't like the blaze Orange. I think the rivalry between the Belgies and the Dutch is twice as much as OSU vs U of M.

So far the only links for watching the race are at and
I think they are going to have some coverage at, but I'm not sure if it will be video.

That's all....wish me luck. I'm going to need it to do this for a full hour. This just in....I think I found the free link broadcasted from Sporza in Flemish The Real Deal.


Anonymous said...

be watchin' while pedaling on the rollers...those EC's look sweet - I might just have to "pop" for the world cup set when you get back...

kil it, kill it, effing kill it!

Anonymous said...

Good luck.
Do it for real.

TheBrothersChase said...

good luck!!!

TJ said...

leave it all out there! we'll be watching from Tucson

Ross said...

Come one dude, rock the house tomorrow!!

Kurt said...

I'll be watching on the 'net, hoping to see you killing it out there! Good luck!

Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

Congrats on making the worlds team and great job in the race! See ya at the races sometime this summer.


Louie (Spaghetti) said...

Bri-Man ! Awesome job at the World Championships. Wish I could've seen you race in person. But now, stop training for a few days and enjoy. You deserve it. Spend some good time with the DOES MATTER super fans and eat up !