Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cow Field of Dreams

It doens't matter if you are in Izegem or Sheboygan cow crap still smells like cow crap. Today we went for a 2 hour training ride through the countryside. It's amazing how comfortable I am with my surroundings now. Day one in Belgium I hadn't a clue where I was, but now I can go out for 1:30 ride and know exactly where I am the entire time. I guess it helps that the sun was shining for the majority of todays ride. It was a brisk 2 celsius with high humidity. You can't help but imagine how dangerous a 200+ strong crazed peloton is ripping down the narrow farm roads in the spring as you are pushed off to the side when one mini car goes by you in the opposite direction.

Yesterday was spent relaxing after Sundays race and dreaming of the off-season. I bought a couple of plane tickets for cheap to Girona and Mallorca for a little one week vaction after the race. I am pumped.

Tomorrow will be the last hard effort of the season and the final bit of preparation for Sundays race. Thursday we will be transfering from Izegem to Hoogeheide and then we will start training on the course. I am pumped to try out the new 2009 Easton wheels with some fresh 32C Rhino's in the Dutch mud.


Doug Swanson said...

Those Rhinos are the best mud tires I've ever ridden. They are like cheating compared to a file tread if it's slick. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Glad I could contribute to the post-race vaca-fund. Kill-it, enjoy the post race break then get back so I can pick up some wheels!