Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Story Time

After Euro Cross Camp everyone was dying to know about the crazy fan base in Europe. They wanted to know what it was like to race in front of 30,000 drunk belgies. Unfortunately I had to tell them it wasn't as crazy as you think. In Belgium the fans only cheer for one rider. After their rider goes by it is back to smoking and drinking. Similar to how we in the US love one Nascar driver. Stickers on our cars, ornaments in our front lawns, and 90% of our clothing with our guys name/number plastered on the back. I'd be willing to bet if I went into a Rabbobank I would see Sven or Lars, just like we see #20, #3, or #48. So all in all it was a little quiet racing in front of 30,000 spectators and quite frankly I would rather race in front of US cross fans any day!

So the fine folks at Gear Grinder put their heads together and came up with a sweet idea.....

The Does Matter Supporter T-Shirt
! Designed by fellow racer Tom Bender.

You can order you T-Shirt today and maybe even have it at your front door for Sundays mornings race! All proceeds go towards paying off the balance of my EuroCross Camp and the costs of the Worlds trip.

The shirt has a little taste of US culture too. Take note of the Pittsburgh Steelers color theme and the Steelers star marking Hoogerheide on the map of Holland!

Feb 1st is going to be a great day for sports fans around the world! So make sure you are ringing your cowbell in style! Thanks for all the support to the best Superfans in the WORLD!


mehta said...

commendable post dear!

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the fat guy who rides said...

i will get it and pretend its NOT the steeler's colors on back.

Anonymous said...

Bender....... That's pretty cool!

Todd said...

go fast dude!