Sunday, January 25, 2009

Red, White, & BLUE

I am happy to announce a new cross sponsor for 2009: Blue Competition Cycles

I took the CXC's for their first spin through the countryside of Belgium yesterday and they are really nice. Thanks to the guys at Blue for making it happen in such a short time between Cross Camp and now. Along with the bikes came some sweet EuroX brakes from TRP! They work a lot better than the Tektros I was running.

Later today is my first race at the Pre-Worlds camp in Assenede Belgium. Time to go get muddy!

Thanks again to all my sponsors who have helped me get to this point: Gear Grinder, Hyundai, Trek, Oakley, Crank Brothers, and now Blue! Stay tuned to for a sweet new t-shirt!


manchester trev said...

been reading you blog for the last year or so, will be good to finally say hello next week in holland!

Anonymous said...

The new bikes look great! Let me know how they ride! Im interested...