Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update

Steelers looked good! Real Good!

Saturday 2 hours outside in the cold on the Superfly (which is still for sale)!
Sunday 7:00 am 1 hour w/ 10 min @ HR 190 + 4 max efforts!
Sunday 9:00 am Rocky III
Sunday Afternoon NFL Gameday!
Monday Work & Pack
Tomorrow 6:25am leave for Tucson :)


todd said...

nice moves matter, live like a bird!

Shriver said...

Matter, Any word from USA CYCLING? Did you get a spot or what?

Julie said...

WOWSA- congrats on Worlds! go kick some butt!

Ben said...

hey man, CONGRATS ON WORLDS!!!!! So awesome!

Don said...

Much congratulations Brian - Give those Euros a hammering, Wisco-Style!

Matt Shriver said...

Ham and Cheese, Leffe Dark, Belgian Chocolate and Radio Donna all techno all day awaits us! Stoked you are coming back over for some racing. Now the question is, do you come back over for the early racing action? Train hard in Tucson. Win the Shoot out!

PONY SHOP said...

Awesome, congrats on Worlds! Good luck!

Mimi said...

Blue Competition is a nice bike. I am sure it will serve you well at Worlds. Just told my dil this AM that you would be on the team.

the fat guy who rides said...

kick some ass sea bass

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