Thursday, January 01, 2009

GVA Sven Nys Baal

Today was the first race of the New Year.  Happy New Year to All!  Over here in Belgium it is a very exciting day because all the new contracts are signed and the majority of the riders have changed teams and were wearing new jerseys.  It's also exciting because it is the national hero's hometown race.  I'm not sure but I think Sven has won this race every year except 2 over the last 10 or 11 years.  Some of us here think he paid of Stybar for the win....I was 4:30 minutes back in 25th so I'm not sure what really happened with Nys and Stybar you can watch it yourself and make your own decision.  I on the other hand am pumped with a top 25!
I had a good call up, but wasn't mentally into it early on today.  I didn't feel good on the course in the pre-ride.  I quickly went to the back as the gun went off.  My hands were cold, my feet were having a hard time feeling the pedals.  After about three laps I started feeling good.  I checked out of the group I was with and slowly bridged up to a group of Roger Hammond and Troy.  I was riding the technical stuff really good and was starting to feel strong on the climbs.  I was mentally into it again.  I made contact with 3 laps to go.  On the last lap as I was passing Hammond the crowd went wild!  Wells looked back, but it was only the crowd cheering for Nys crossing the line.  Another 4 minutes and we were setting up for the final sprint.  Troy led it out and I just got him at the line with Hammond finishing in 27.This race was a little different being in a small town instead of a downtown park, but the spectators were just as drunk and heckled just as much.  One lap I fell on the bottom step of the run and the fans heckled me like there was no tomorrow.  I loved it as I am a huge fan of heckling. 
I am having writers blank and I am just staring at the first 3 paragraphs.  I have a lot of unpacking, packing, and prepping for tomorrows race in Sint Nikklaus so I am going to end it here.  One more race to go! Thanks for reading.


Boomer said...

Matter, Rock 25! Great job and keep it up, always checking your blog for updates, stay on the gas man!


the fat guy who rides said...

I was finally able to watch online, it was great to see you race overseas. It looked like a hard course, and don't worry about the fall, atleast yours did not get the live replay.

PS: was it just me or was there NO cowbell?

Mimi said...

I do expect to see your name mentioned for the team on Jan 14th. You have come on very strong. What you do in Europe really counts.

Chris Newlin said...

Brian, you beat Roger Hammond! That is awesome, keep it up. Looks like you should stay for a couple of more weeks for worlds?

Tim said...

25th!? WTF? How slow are you? I suppose you shouldn't lay at the foot of the barriers napping if you want to finish in the front!
I suppose I need to work on my heckling.
Great work!

Christine said...

A cold ahh...the secret weapon!!! The last time you used the secret weapon you did well at Ice Man. Keep Tearing it Up!

Ty & Christine